Mark Lysander

Mark Lysander


When did it all start?

I guess I don’t have a defining point in life where I decided art was one of my main focuses. Since I was a kid I’ve been interested in music, producing and acting in different ways. I guess it all started as a game of creating songs and acting different characters just for fun and as I grew up I discovered it wasn’t a game anymore but what I want to dedicate my life in.

What is your main motivation or inspiration?

Life has always been my main inspiration in my musical side which is the one I enjoy the most. I’ve been composing and songwriting for more than 15 years now, and what I can assure you is that after every good or bad experience in life, I’ve had the need to let that captured in a song. Life trough music has always been my savior. Sing and Write about every positive or negative event that has happened helped me to express myself to myself and let me know better. Like a therapy.

Define yourself in less than 10 words

I Identify as what I am

Tell us about your career. Your best experience? And the worst?

Even though acting has been a big part of my journey as I studied interpretation for 3 years in one of the greatest drama schools in Barcelona; I dedicate all my love and life to music. As I’ve said earlier I don’t have a defining point where it all started, but I start taking everything more seriously when I was about 16 years old and I started to share my music with radios, producers… Since then I’ve never stop creating. The worst part, at least to me, is when you lose yourself in toxic thoughts of money and fame. As a younger kid I used to dream to become one of the greatest artists in the world. My immaturity at that time got me focused on how to act and dress to impact people to arrive to the top, so I started being an alter ego of myself with at some point got me lost and confused. Which I guess is part of our self-discovery as a human being in this world. On the other hand, the best part it’s just creating. Let loose and create music that moves you. I love the vibe it come to me when I’m alone in my studio and everything flows perfectly. Create is what moves me in all ways.

Any idol or reference?

As stupid or smug it sounds I don’t. My reference is my own life and feelings. I’ve never had a specific Idol, I love music and how a song makes me feel so I can tell you hundreds of songs that move and inspire me. For me is the art not the artist.

What are your next projects?

Recently I launched my latest EP called “Marc” and right now I’m focused on my own companies. I Create music every week, so it’s not like I have a project coming but as I can’t stop producing music probably I’ll come with another album soon.

How do you see yourself in 5 years? and in 15 years?

I don’t think too much about the future. Life has taught me that our goals, likings and thoughts change constantly. So I can tell you that where I see myself in 5,15 or 25 years is keeping myself happy and focused in what I like and love at that moment. Right now I’m so focused on music and my entrepreneur side, but who knows where the older me decides to go.



Mark Lysander is a Singer, producer, songwriter and actor from Barcelona. He started studying music and interpretation at the young age of 18 years old which lead him to star in theatre, tv series and films, and also a long music career. The actor and singer has starred in “Grease the Musical”, “Paradise Hills” now on Netflix, Tv Show “Infidels” and much more. Lately he has been focused on his music which is the part he enjoys the most, the singer says.