Grace Patterson

Grace Patterson


When did it all start?

I started acting when I was nine years old in commercials,. indie films, and theater. Three years ago I decided to take the leap and move to Los Angeles to give acting a serious shot. I am so glad that I did! Badkiss was launched in August and is growing quickly.

What is your main motivation or inspiration?

My main inspiration is my youngest brother. He is special needs and can be hard to reach sometimes. His favorite movie is Forrest Gump. When we watch it as a family he pulls up his chair so close to the TV and keeps his eyes fixated on the screen the entire time. Usually, he will walk away from a movie. He won’t even watch any movies that I have done. After watching Forrest Gump he began walking 20 miles a day. He won’t tell us why he loves the film but it is obvious that he connected with it on a deep level. It’s the only movie he wants to watch every night. This has inspired me to create films and my love for acting. Connecting with people and making them feel something is what I strive to do.

Define yourself in less than 10 words

When I’m coming you better move.

Tell us about your career. Your best experience? And the worst?

So far I have done over 25 indie films and around 13 LifeTime Films. I was a professional cheerleader in Dallas, Texas and have used that skill on film as well. I have done multiple cheerleader movies: Cheer For Your Life, Pom Pom Murders, Who Is Killing The Cheerleaders, etc. Combining my cheer experience and acting experience is always fun. One of the best experiences I had was shooting a Sorority Sloth film in Serbia. I was in Serbia for two months and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I had such a blast with the cast and crew and exploring that part of the world.

Any idol or reference?

Jessica Alba is an inspiration to me because she is an actress and entrepreneur. I look up to women who are always striving to accomplish more. Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are some of my inspirations as well.

What are your next projects?

Spring Break Nightmare, Twisted Sister, Slotherhouse, Reflect, and you will be seeing my brand Badkiss everywhere here soon.

How do you see yourself in 5 years? and in 15 years?

In 5 years, I see myself running a multi million dollar company while starring in projects that I connect with and am passionate about. In 15 years, I will probably have a few more companies I am running and expand the roles I take on as an artist. I want to surprise people with each step I take. People always underestimate me but I am defiantly capable of anything I put my mind to and people are starting to see it.



Grace Patterson is an actress and entrepreneur. She started acting when she was nine years old in Dallas, Texas. After making the move to Los Angeles, she quickly began booking Lifetime and Indie Films. You can watch her in Just What The Doctor Ordered, Cheer For Your Life, College Professor Obsession, Spring Break Nightmare, Twisted Sister, and more. She also recently launched a loungewear company called BadKiss. You can watch Elevator Pitch in December to see Grace and her business partner, Cristi Fisher, take Badkiss on the show!