How do you manage your artistic and entrepreneur side at the same time?

It’s a good question! Well, actually I started to manage other artists many years ago, when I was performing at the city concerts and festivals, the organizers always asked me to help and support with management so I’ve got used to it and later on developed this professional skills of people management as well as self-awareness and discipline. Without discipline and of course passion in what you doing its almost impossible to succeed!

One of your biggest projects is your events and entertainment agency “AnaZim Project” based in Dubai. How did you come with the idea of it?

First of all, I always have been in this entertainment business so after coming to Dubai it was not even question what I will do here! Second, I already knew many musicians and artists in Dubai to star with booking them to the hotels.

Then everything fall into places by itself with passion and enjoyments and now I am very grateful to all who involved in it for what I succeed to achieve. 

If you were an advertisement, which would your slogan be?

“Inspiration through culture” – my way of living. 

As the CEO of your own business in the event planning industry, how do you manage a project from when you make the first contact with a client until you planned the whole event?

Mainly we supply artists to the 5-4 stars hotels, however sometime doing a big events – well, I am having meetings across Dubai area with the potential clients then proposing one or the other suitable profiles and then making an audition for the artists, then signing the contract and then executing performances/events/functions etc..

Dubai is known for all the growing businesses so as a fast rising entrepreneur there are more or less opportunities in your field?

Yes, Dubai it’s a global hub for the international businesses and local government successfully supporting and enhancing this ambiance. Also, the main business for Dubai it’s a tourism business with hundreds of amazing hotels, restaurants, beach activities which gives my agency a plenty of choices and business opportunities! Actually, in Dubai there is a place to earn money for everyone, only depend on person’s actions and communications as well as expertise in what he/she doing.

Recently you´ve been nominated as a solo singer at the international SHE Award in Dubai. Did you expect it? How did you feel as when you knew you were nominated?

Yes, it’s a pleasure and I proud of myself for hard work and recognition. I felt so excited when I’ve got nominated and sensitive at the same time ‘cause it brings me back to my student life when I was performing at variety of musical contests and getting awards etc… I miss that time.

Currently the voting for the international SHE Awards is open. Can you tell us how it works and how we can vote for you?

Yes its open and its happening through social platforms like Instagram, website, Facebook etc. It’s very easy to vote, you just need to click to the link and follow the steps, then scroll down and find my profile and click VOTE and submit – that’s all! I will thank you for that!

We know that you’re also coming with your latest single “The One”. Can you tell us the story behind it? And when it’s released?

Yes, that’s right, I created this song after being inspired by the story about one guy, who is absolutely matched my “kinda guy” to be with!

I never met him in the real life but all what I heard about him from my friends amazed me and made me feel romantic and vulnerable! I went for a quick run around Dubai Harbor area and when I reached back home I took piece of paper and wrote the entire lyrics then singed the melody into my phone recorder.

Then a month later I had full mixed song from the studio (arrangement, recording, mixing being done during that time).

The song “The one” will be released in a dj remix with the video clip after around end of summer.

I can’t wait to complete my work on it and get it out and about! Hopefully, people will like it!



Ana Staisy started her musical path at the age of 3 years old. Her parents have discovered her singing talent and let her perform at all family gathering and celebrations. Then at 7 years old she begins a musical school with the major in vocal singing along with general school where she performs at every occasions, travelled to Germany, Poland, and Russia with children’s choir and symphony orchestra.

Then after completing of 10 years of both schools she entered a Musical College with major diploma in jazz singing located in Kharkov, Ukraine. During her 2 years of college time she worked at recording studio as a recording artist, performed at various restaurants, weddings, functions, city festivals and concerts.

Then after completing college in Kharkov she entered Kiev National University Culture and Art in Kiev, Ukraine at Diploma and Masters in Performing Art discipline. During her 6 years student life in the capital of Ukraine she accomplished many acting an dancing courses as well as performed solo and with the band at many city concerts, exhibitions, special events; gained her musical national and international awards at variety of contests and festivals. She recorded her firsts songs album and for the first time went abroad with support tour to Turkey, India, UAE, Germany, Poland and Australia.

Then after completing University she travelled to many countries with different programs and bands until she stopped in Australia to live there for a while and entered into Griffith University – Queensland Conservatorium to do Masters in Music research.

After completion of the Queensland Conservatorium she arrived to Dubai and started her professional performances here as well as opened her AnaZim Project events/entertainment agency.