Gigi McFarlane


When did it all start?

Music, only Music and more Music turned into my living 9 years ago.

It came to me like a hurricane and just pulled me away from all what I was doing; I had to learn how the music business worked really fast!

I started to live of music one month after my first full concert (before that month I did some appearances on stage as special guest etc)

What is your main motivation or inspiration?

I believe I have a some kind of gift and my mission is to share it with the world through my shows, I can’t keep it to myself, that would be way too selfish.

Whatever you have, share it, it feels good, and feeling good makes you a better person.

Define yourself in less than 10 words

I’m simple, I sing and paint; but I really wonder what kind of person I would be if I weren’t an entertainer, maybe really annoying due to all the leftover energy at the end of the day…

Tell us about your career. Your best experience? And the worst?

Best experience is when people stop me on the street just to thank me for what I do, it’s magically unbelievable.

Worst… concert in Jamaica, at last minute the organization realized they had no mic stand for me, I had to play my guitar and sing so I had no hands to hold the mic, mic stand was needed, but show had to go on and start NOW.

After offering me a broomstick, they called a lady to hold my mic all through my performance, her arm was getting tired so she was holding the mic lower each time, and you can imagine my posture… ridiculous [laughs]

Any idol or reference?

I’m a #1 forever Craig David fan. Now I’m also very much in to Allen Stone.

I prefer male voices than female.

What are your next projects?

Massimiliano Vana ( instagram @massivana ), film director, got interested in the story of my life and how music and painting enriched it. So we decided to work on a documentary film using the language of music videos.

I will get back to you as soon as it’s done, so excited!

How do you see yourself in 5 years? and in 15 years?

In 5 years… I hope I learn to cook someday… just to make an egg sandwich would make my mom proud [laughs]

15 years ahead, that’s a long way! Life is full of surprises, I just hope for health (hopefully knowing how to cook 😄) and happiness



Gigi McFarlane is a singer and songwriter, born in London, Jamaican mother and German father.

You can enjoy her different music styles from her solo with her guitar playing her original songs or covers to Gigi’s duet, trio, quartet or full band making you have the night of your life on the dancefloor…